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About Us

Eje Cafetero Tours Colombia

MISSION: We are an operating agency, pioneer of rural tourism in Quindio and Colombia. We offer authentic and personalized experiences in all the country for national and international tourists, always thinking in generate social, environmental, cultural and economic sustainability for our environment.

VISSION: For the 2018, we will be one of the rural tourism leaders in Colombia and we will increase the capitation of foreigner tourists in a 20% through of the optimization of the technological, communication resources and the generation of strategies alliances with our suppliers.

COMPREHENSIVE POLICY: Eje Cafetero tours like an operating agency is landmark rural tourism in Colombia and the abroad, orient his efforts to the satisfaction of the customers, tend for the continuous improvement of his process, promotes the training of human talent and the availability the resources for the effective and efficient compliance of the services that the agency give, low the compliance with applicable legal requirements. The agency in his purpose of generates socioeconomic development in the Quindio, it promises to promote the social, environmental, cultural in the zones that it operates. It development his activities low the safety practices and personal injury prevention, occupational diseases, emergency control and property damage.